These are the talks I've made more or less recently based on a reveal.js framework:
The source code is available at this url.
The style was inspired in part by Peter Williams.
10/2021Clouds to Discs: How do high-mass stars get their mass? Brinary stars as a probe
10/2021UF Frontiers Talk, October 13, 2021
5/2021Beirut ISM conference: "The ALMA-IMF Large program: overview and early results on the origin of stellar masses", May 13, 2021
4/2021Hamburg Colloquium, April 21, 2021 [Recording]
11/2020MPIfR Colloquium, November 27, 2020 [Recording]
11/2020MUSTANG Galactic Plane Survey @ GBT, November 4, 2020
10/2020UF Frontiers Talk, October 16, 2020
6/2020AAS 236: Surveys of the dense Galactic ISM with ALMA, VLA, GBT, and SMA
5/2020W51 in ALMA-IMF
5/2020ALMA-IMF Data Overview
9/2019Environments in and of clusters, StarFormMapper 2019 [PDF version w/some broken slides]
9/2019UF Frontiers Talk, September 2019
8/2019Feathering Presentation w/Herschel data [PDF version]
8/2019Feathering; Lorentz Center Single Dish Combination Workshop 2019
7/2019High Mass Protoclusters in the MW and nearby galaxies
7/2019Salts in Orion
4/20192019 Colloquium on HMSF / Sgr B2 / W51 + Orion salt (Morelia)
4/20192019 Colloquium on HMSF / Sgr B2 / W51 + Orion salt (Florida)
3/20192018 Colloquium on HMSF / Sgr B2 / W51
12/2018ALMA-IMF talk about Sgr B2 and W51
10/2018High Mass Cluster Formation talk